Your Branded Products Course {Digital Product}

How will you stand out from the crowd in 2021.  How will you make those coins when others struggle to make them?  

It takes 2 things, be intentional & start now.  

I began releasing products as early as August of 2020 to get a feel for what my audience loves, to get my process in place, & my vendors so by the time Black Friday came, I could be hands off bringing in money while I'm recovering from Thanksgiving dinner and the entire pie that I ate.  Don't judge lol 

In this course I'll show you how to get those product ideas out of your head and into a design.  Super easy you definitely don't have to be a graphic designer.  I'll share with you where to buy images for as little as $1.00.  

I'll walk you through 2 Vendors that I've used to create & dropship mugs quickly.  One was set up within 2 hours & I was making sales immediately 

I'll walk you through Vendors that dropship T-Shirts if you don't have time to do it yourself

I'll walk you through how you can create quick beautiful notebooks & have your vendor ship them directly to your clients after they purchase. 

There is also a full 1 hour marketing training included so when you're all done creating your gorgeous notebook, mug or any other product you'll know exactly how to make those sales. 

Also included 

  • How to use Shopify for your Branded Products
  • How to use Etsy for your Branded Products
  • Trainings are broken into modules for you to access at anytime

Annnddddddddd 🔥 🔥 🔥

We have a brand new Facebook group for Branded Products Members only. No monthly payment, this is included with your purchase.

You'll also receive referral access. For everyone that you refer to the group you'll get 50% referral fee.


13 Modules

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How to create the "Two Toned" mugs, Metallic, & color changing mugs in Gear Bubble

Links Mentioned in the Masterclass

Gearbubble -

Teelaunch connects with Shopify & makes the process smoother.  I recommend starting with Gearbubble to get some sales going, before making the decision to launch a Shopify account.

KDP Publishing - Create & print your full journal or planner for under $5.00

Launch your own planner/journal.  YouTube Video that I found that was helpful with Journal Ideas. - for searching trending products on Etsy 

How to add a store & connect your current mugs to the store in Gearbubble

On your regular dashboard, click the Store Tab > Store Dashboard > Advance Settings > Add/Remove Products

Connect Gearbubble to Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, Shopify

Get Creative With Canva Course

Get Creative With Canva 2.0

Etsy Shipping Profile Ideas

Canva Templates for Teelaunch

The Canva links below can be used so you don't have to guess when creating your products on Teelaunch.  Although the sizes are there it still may give you a few error messages.  So I've created templates for the products that I use most often below.  

T-shirt & Hoodie Canva Image Link - Click here 

Mug Canva Image Link  - Click Here 

Notebook Canva Image Link - Spiral 5X7 - Click Here

Notebook Canva Image Link - Hardcover or Paperback - Click here

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