Shopify Site Set Up & Branding

Shopify can be an amazing tool to use for your business.  The apps that you can integrate take your process to an entire new level because it's seamless.  

Have you said lately,

I have too much going on

I feel like I'm all over the place

I don't have time to...

Well since setting up my Shopify account I've got a little of my time back just from the built in automation.  I don't know about you but 2020 & the start of 2021 has been a huge rollercoaster, so this girl wants to travel so I want all things automated when that time comes.  

And Shopify has simplified that process for me.  So let me take care of that for you.  

You'll have a 1 time fee for me to set up up at $297.00.  We'll jump on a quick call, no longer than 30 minutes to discuss what you're looking for in your site, the items that you want placed there & we'll discuss your brand as well.  

Don't worry, if your brand is not pulled together or if you're just getting started, I'll help you with that.  Let's get this done so we can travel the world or just get a little of our time back with more coins in the bank.  

Once the website is complete, I'll send it to you for review.  You'll have up to 48 hours to make changes.  

Sound good?  Ok click the button to grab your spot, this is a first come first served offer.  If it becomes overbooked I will have to close the schedule off for a few weeks to make sure I'm taking care of everyone in a timely manner.  

Click to register now.  Once payment is received you'll get a link to sign up for our 30 Minute call to discuss your website set up. 

**** The sites that I set up are created using the Debut Theme only.  Please see example sites below. 


Please note this is for site setup only.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion.  

*** As a bonus, I will add up to 10 products to your site based on products/images provided by yourself as a bonus.  I will then send a video to you to show you how to add additional products because products should be changed or added frequently so this is good for you to get a clear understanding of quickly adding & updating products.  

Also please note I do not purchase fonts.  Any fonts provide must be compatible with Canva.  If you have any questions regarding anything please send an email to me before purchasing.

Or send a message to me on Facebook.  

16 Modules

How to add your products on hand to Shopify

How to add Print On Demand Products with Teelaunch on your Shopify site

Canva Templates for Teelaunch

Product Description Template

How to transfer Teelaunch Items to Etsy from Shopify

How to use Shopify Email

Please note this was only added if "Email" was requested during our initial call.  If you would like to add it please search the app store & select "Shopify Email".  See image below.  Super simple to add just 1 or 2 clicks then you can create emails directly in Shopify.  

Then take a look at the video, it shares with you how to use it.  

How to use the sales notification pop up app on Shopify

Please note this was only added if "Pop Up Notification" was discussed/requested during our initial call.  If you would like to add it please search the app store & select "Sales Notification".  See image below.  Super simple to add just 1 or 2 clicks select the free option, this is what I currently use.  

Then take a look at the video, it shares with you how to use it.  

How to add cute backgrounds to your notebooks & journals

How to create journals/notebooks in Shopify

How to create custom orders within Shopify

How to check the status of Teelaunch orders

How to add or change collections on your Shopify site

Setting up Taxes for your Shopify Site

I do recommend that you speak with your accountant regarding taxes but this video will give you direction on taxes & setting them up for your Shopify site.  

How to add & change collections

How to enter a Manual order for yourself & get 25% off (once per month)

Ladies here's a production & shipping cost list that Teelaunch has provided.

Response From Teelaunch:  Our sellers receive 1 discounted item a month for sample purposes! Otherwise you are just charged the production and shipping cost shown on our spreadsheet 

Click here for spreadsheet 

How to create products using the Printify App

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