E-Book Mastery Mini Course {Digital Product}

Ready to create your first E-book to build your brand.  Whether you want to create a free E-book to build your list or a paid E-book to build your profits, this mini course is for you.  

Here's what you'll learn

  • How to quickly pull together content for your E-book (Free or Paid)
  • How to easily design your E-book even if you're not the best with designs
  • How to market your E-book to get sales or build your list

You will walk away being able to create & launch your E-book quickly! Free or paid. 

Click below to get access.  $27.00

8 Modules

Module 2 - Content Creation

Resources Mentioned 

Transcribe your videos to turn them into e-books.   https://www.rev.com

Module 3 - Design Your E-book

Resources Mentioned 



*** Affiliate Link 

Module 5 - How to market your e-books

Resources Mentioned 


Automate your Instagram content - Planoly.com 

Mailer Lite - Click Here 

Module 6 - How to turn this into an additional stream of income.

E-Book Templates

Access the links to your Canva Templates here.  You can duplicate pages as needed.  I'm also adding a quick video to share with you how to combine the pages in Canva just in case you would like to use pages that are not in the same set up templates.  

Also please note regardless of the name each template can be used as an ebook.  

Guide Template - Click Here 

Workbook Template - Click Here 

Worksheet Template - Click Here 

Additional Pages that you can add into your templates - Click Here 

Additional Cover Pages to use - Click Here 

Modules for this product 8
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