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7 Day VIP Content Experience

  • I have no idea what to post about?
  • I don't have time to create content but when I do, I don't have a strategy to stay consistent
  • I'm not a techy person, I don't know what to use to schedule my posts

Well let me just explain it this way.  If there's no strategy behind what you're posting, none of the above even matters.  

When I began creating content for my Real Estate business in 2010, I had not idea what to post but guess what..... 

I learned from posting content to test what works.  

By posting, I began to understand what my audience wanted.  

Inspirational posts 

Educational posts/tips 

Behind the scenes.  Yes even those bloopers get traction.  They allow your audience to know the real you.  

From their I began getting tons of engagement, people were tagging their friends, co-workers, & cousins in my posts that wanted to buy a home, & I also began consistently getting referrals from Realtors all across the US.  

This only happens when you show up online & know that things don't have to be perfect from day 1.   

But don't worry, I have your back.  I see you over there stressing about content & overthinking it, so during my 7 Day VIP Content Experience here's what's happening, 

We'll have a 90 Minute Strategy Session 

But there will be Pre-Work - Must be completed before our 1st call.   

  • Get Intentional with your time blocking.  Before our call, I want to make sure that you have scheduled the time to be intentional about doing the work over the next 7 days.  You'll receive a video walking you through my time blocking strategy & a fillable PDF to map out your schedule.  This must be turned in before our 1st call is scheduled.  

During our 90 Minute Session.  

  • Get Intentional about your Niche.  I know we all want clients flowing from everywhere but in your content conversation you can't talk to everyone.  We'll get specific with your audience so you can be specific with your content 
  • Create your brand Mood Board so you can stay consistent with your color scheme
  • We'll create your content bucket.  You know there's levels to this right?  We'll go over the 4 types of content that you will post on Social Media, so as you're creating new content there's no confusion.  You'll know which bucket to go to & pull ideas from quickly.  
  • A little market research.  We have to know in advance if your products/services are being sold especially if you're just launching 

You'll also receive 

  • Caption Strategy Checklist - types of captions that you can test out on your audience. 
  • Captions that convert (Video) - I'll walk you through the various types of captions.  How to start your caption by grabbing your audiences attention, what to put in between, & how to end (some of your captions, not all) with a call to action.  
  • I'll design 10 content templates for you that can be re-used over & over again to build your brand on Social Media (Sent to you within 7 Business days after our 90 minute strategy session)

You're homework from the session will be to write captions related to what's in your content bucket, send them to me & I'll do a video audit of the captions to let you know if anything should be changed to get more engagement or conversions.  

Click the link below to grab your spot.  These spots are limited each month   

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