Your Vision With Video Training {Digital Product}

The live class is over, access the replay.  

If you're anything like me you just want to educate & inspire your audience.   You don't want to poplock on video to get anyone's attention lol.  

Video is all about building relationships, since I've started using Tik Toks & Reels for my business my followers have increased my community has increased, & my sales have increased.  

This is why I'm hosting "Your Vision With Video" Masterclass.  During this class I'll share with you how to put your vision into videos, get engagement & build relationships without dancing on video.  I've found that my educational videos & tutorials get more interaction than the dancing videos & more or my ideal client.  

Why is this?  

It's because I'm educating them on something specific that they currently need.  You can do the same. 

Here's what you'll learn. 

  • The basics of Tik Tok, how to create a Tik Tok Video Step by step
  • The basics of Reels, how to create a Reels Video Step by step
  • How to create videos for Tik Tok, Reels, & of course traditional video without showing up on Camera
  • How to quickly find ideas for your videos
  • My secret to getting tons of views on Tik Tok & Reels 
  • How to gorgeous create clips to end your video in Canva to invite people to join your community, join your event, check out your site, or purchase your product
  • And more

You'll also receive a video content planner checklist, you'll need this to keep track of the ideas as you find them. 

So if you've been pushing video to the side, this is your time to make that shift.  2023 is our year to be intentional about building relationships.  Click the link below to get immediate access.   

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Tik Tok & Reels Training

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