5 Day Reels Challenge {Digital Product}

Is your goal to get in front of more customers/clients in 2023? Give me 5 days & I'll walk you through the organic process that allowed me to gain over 800 followers & reach 280K accounts on Instagram.  

And the best thing is, this was done with less than 1 hour each week.  

Join our challenge it starts Monday December 19th. 

If you're not getting the clients/customers that you want on IG then your goal right now should be more visibility, engagement, & conversations from there the clients/customers will flow.  

During this challenge we'll start with step 1 getting more engagement & visibility.  We'll discuss.... 

The types of Reels to use to get the most engagement. 

What time to post

What hashtags to use

How to get your reels done for the week in less than 1 hour. 

Should you schedule your reels in advance?

Click the link below to register.  You'll get immediate access to my Reels Guide & be sure to join the group SML this group will be used to keep you accountable.  

I'll also launch a group chat for questions & support for 7 Days.  This will be launched before our challenge begins.  You will receive daily video prompts in the chat & via email.  

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